Wonderful work now put in place Quirky and Sublime  destination unveils a swathe of fascinating projects – Romagna tourism treasure reveals even more hidden jewels Benito Mussolini was born in Forli and it was here that his rise to political power began. It’s no wonder that he chose his hometown to showcase the power and […]

Quirky destinations need to find a way to get the headlines because they certainly are difficult to market in today’s homogenous travel industry. Looking for Mona in Montefeltro – Romagna Here I am in Romagna (the delightful bit of Italy between the Apennines and the Adriatic). I’ve just started to write about two fascinating projects. […]

Politically and economically Italy is in a bad way. And socially, the one figure that says it all is 1.3. That’s the current birth rate, which shows that every day there are less Italians than yesterday. So, clearly very few people have sufficient confidence in the future to have children. Italy is simply committing suicide […]

I guess we are all looking for a better, greener, world. One in which we can all have useful fulfilling jobs. One in which we respect and steward our environment, learn from our culture and enjoy our social interactions. Right? As many people know, tourism can be a major driver to fulfil those aspirations. It […]

When we buy an organic pear, we don’t think about it do we? You just assume that it IS organic. The same when you buy a free range chicken or some fair trade coffee. We tend to trust the labels. And when big companies make claims about their Corporate Social Responsibility or their good works, […]

Your cut-price travel may cost you 30% more than it’s worth plus you may be getting counterfeit goods! Ever come home after a trip thinking “Well that was OK but we missed much more than we saw” We think that there are lots of real people out there that like real honest to goodness travel […]

Something very different is going on in tourism. Hello!.